Fall '17

CIS/Web 105:
Data Analysis & Analytics with Excel

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Allow 2-4 hours to complete each assignment. 
Start working on your assignment early enough to get some help if you get stuck.  Don't wait 'till the night before class to start.

Due Monday, Dec. 11:

Due Thursday, Dec. 7:

Due Thursday, Nov. 30:


Due Monday, Nov. 27:

Due Monday, Nov. 13:

Due Monday, Nov. 6:

Thursday, Nov. 2 :  Class Canceled. 

Due Monday, Oct. 30:

Due Thursday, Oct. 26:

Due Monday, Oct. 23:

Due Thursday, Oct. 19:

Due Monday, Oct. 16:

Due Thursday, Oct. 12:

Due Tuesday, Oct. 10:

Due Thursday, Oct. 5:

Due Monday, Oct. 2:

Due Thursday, Sept. 28:

Due Monday, Sept. 25:

Due Thursday, Sept. 21:

Due Monday, Sept. 18:

Conditional Formatting for Dates
  • Problem 2:
    • Review the section on Conditional Formatting in Office 365: Excel Essential Training  with Dennis Taylor at Lynda.com
    • Take handwritten notes in your notebook and follow along (duplicate their example) as you read the first part of Using conditional formatting to highlight dates (up to Highlighting weekends).
    • Enter 40 consecutive dates in column D starting with 8/29/17.
    • Use Conditional Formatting to:
      • Highlight dates from last month in yellow
      • Highlight dates in the current week in Red with White letters
      • Highlight today's date in Green with White letters.
    • It should look something like this... if today is the 14th:
      Note:  Don't just use the font section of the ribbon bar to change the colors... you have to do it with conditional formatting
    • You may find this useful as well Working with Multiple Conditions

Due Thursday, Sept. 14:

Due Monday, Sept. 11:

Due Thursday, Sept. 7: